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Thomas Mabey

As CEO and founder of EMM Technology LLC, Tom Mabey is committed to working around obstacles. His passion for innovation, teamwork, and quality of service fuels his strategic direction for the Utah-based technology company.

Before being named CEO in December 2012, Tom spent the previous 38 years building successful companies. Rolling a degree from the University of Utah in Civil Engineering into his own firm – The Consortium (est. 1979), led to another regionally successful commercial construction company – Sahara LLC (est. 1985). Some of the company’s projects included the construction of the Delta Center (home of the Utah Jazz) and the Miller Motorsports Park.  He remains on as Chairman.

In his personal pursuits, Tom has been an avid auto racer. He raced on the professional circuits in the US and Europe from 1999 to 2009, further developing his innate abilities to strategize and think under pressure.

Since then Tom has focused his deep appreciation of a good team to charitable work:

  • Past Chairman and Board member for Beehive Drive – a 100% volunteer non-profit that supports the Utah Highway Patrol’s Honoring Heroes Foundation, community projects, and educational programs for Utah’s children.
  • Founder and Board Trustee of Sahara Cares Foundation – a non-profit organization for the benefit of children who cannot help themselves
  • Board member of Power of Choice Foundation
  • Board member of The Curtis Center Foundation – dedicated to nurturing arts and education for mentally handicapped adults.

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