Collectively, our army of computer engineers has a wide diversity of backgrounds and experience with virtually every technology used in business today. We can assist with the setup and maintenance of virtually all aspects of your network, including your switches, routers, servers, storage, desktops, laptops, and printers. We serve Utah along the Wasatch Valley.

Network Security

Our Network Support Services include Network Security. Whether you are concerned about government compliance or simply keeping your data safe from hackers, Wasatch I.T. can help. Our network security solutions include assisting you in putting the proper policies and procedures in place and implementing hardware and software technologies that can keep your network safe from threats inside and outside of your organization.

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Network Monitoring

Maximum uptime of your key systems is crucial to the success of your organization that we offer with our network support services. Our tools monitor your key systems for uptime and security breaches, allowing our staff to mitigate many problems before they even happen. These include security breaches, disk drive space, aging systems, security patches, backup failures, and more.

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Free Network Assessment

Where do you need to focus your technology spend to be most effective? Take advantage of our Free Network Assessment to give you the understanding you need to make key business decisions. Our Engineers utilize sophisticated technology to scan your network and paint a picture of your technology strengths and weaknesses.

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